Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sunshine Award!

I don't think there could have been better timing... I got an award! It's not just your everyday award, either... It's the SUNSHINE Award!

What's that, you ask? Well, the Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogosphere. The rules of acceptance are that you must answer the following 9 questions, and then pass the award love along to others…

To say that my friend, Amy, is a talented writer, would a gigantic understatement. She has her debut book release coming later this year (can't wait for Marathon Mouse!!!!), she has a wonderful blog (A Million Words), and something else keeping her busy... Hmmm... What was that, again? Oh yeah! FOUR KIDS!!! She's so gifted, and I am honored to accept this award from her. Thanks, friend!

Now, to the questions!

  1. Favorite Color: Red. But not like a Fire Engine. More like a deep, dark red. 
  2. Favorite Animal: We all know this already... Elephants! Though dogs and goats are high up on my list of favorites, too. ;)
  3. Favorite Number: 11
  4. Favorite Drink:  Any kind of tea. Mainly pomegranate.
  5. Facebook or Twitter:  I'd have to say Facebook. I'm active on Twitter, but I can never seem to understand the point. Plus, I always feel like I'm eavesdropping.
  6. Your Passion:  Sigh... There are so many answers to this question! I think I'll go with one that maybe none of you would guess. I have a heart for Special Needs kids. Before I had children of my own, I worked with several programs, and at one fantastic job, where I helped out these incredible children. I've gone to Special Olympics events, too. Just love it. I could go on and on...
  7. Giving or receiving presents: Giving. I couldn't care less about getting a single thing.
  8. Favorite Day:  Clearly, this is random. But I love Thursdays. I always have! Not sure why, though.
  9. Favorite Flower: Gerber Daisies. I loathe roses. At our wedding (7 years ago tomorrow!) we had red and white Gerber Daisies EVERYWHERE. They seem so simple and elegant.
Alright, here's the fun section! I would love to bestow this happy Sunshine Award toooooooo:

My Banana Peelin' friend, Elizabeth Stevens Omlor! Home of Banana Peelin' Thursdays (there's that random Thursday, again!) where she has published authors share their tales of slips and mishaps on the road to being published.

Jennifer Young!! Over at Castles in the Sky, she discusses all sorts of things! She does Author interviews, participates in Perfect Picture Book Fridays, and is even starting a Mixed Media Fan Club!

Eric VanRaepenbusch... Yeah, I know you've heard of him! He's the classy dad over at Happy Birthday Author!! I love Authors, I love this blog, and I love birthdays! Triple win for me!!

Donna Martin! This behind-kickin', black belt wearin', crazy awesome writer over at On the Write Track, has some great things to pass on. Plus, I'm scared she'll ninja attack me, so... Love you, Donna!!

Jarm Del Boccio at Making the Write Connections (another blog with the "Write" idea! haha). Man, this one is a neat blog! Jarm throws in her love of writing, history, and travel, all while showing some compassion to others. Fantastic!

My pal, Stacy S. Jensen does EVERYTHING on her blog! Seriously, this is her quote about her posting schedule:
"I post on Mondays about my writing journey.
On Thankful Thursdays,
I share helpful, writing resources.
I participate in Perfect Picture Books on Fridays.
Sometimes, life in general sneaks into a post."
Seriously?! :)

Alrighty, because I feel weird about odd numbers (another fact about me, for another time!), I'm giving you these six. PLEASE check them out! Follow them, learn from them, any by all means, do as the tell you!

Thanks again, Amy! I'm going to bask in the Sunshine!


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bethany! So glad the Sunshine made your day! Isn't it fun to spread the love???

    1. It is! Thank you!!! I was having the WORST day... You changed that, and everything turned around. I appreciate you!!

  2. Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award! We had a nice 65 degree day in Ohio today -- with lots of sunshine. The family was so happy to be outside! We went for a walk, picked up sticks in the yard, rode bikes, etc.

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. Yaaay!! Family time outside is by far the best kind of family time!

      Have a great week, yourself!

  3. Thanks for the award, certainly brightened my day! I will get going on it this week, and pass it on to others. Blessings on your week...

  4. Thank you for the Sunshine Award, Bethany! I am bring on the sunshine...;0)

    1. No problem! I love what you do, and who you are!! Grab hold of that Sunshine and enjoy!

  5. Hey Bethany, thanks for sharing the award. I'm very honored! Hopefully it will help keep the sun shining over in my neck of the woods. I loved how you gave a bit of backround while giving out this award. Also, thanks for sharing about yourself with all of us. I too worked with special needs children. For three years I worked as a teaching assistant. I can't wait to get back there - but very happy to be home with the kiddies for now.

    Happy Anniversay :)

    1. Wow!! We seem to have so many similarities, it's crazy!!

      Thanks so much!

    2. Hey Bethany! I just made my Mixed Media Fan button. Actually, I made two. Can you check it out and see which one you like better or if you don't like either one? Not sure if I'm liking them. :/

    3. Wow!!! I like them a lot!! The top one is my personal favorite, just because I like the frame. You did such a great job! I can't wait to get my hands on one!

    4. Really?!? Thanks for checking them out! My daughter is a fan of the top one too. I guess that's the winner. :)

  6. Bethany, I just gave your blog a shout-out as I was writing my acceptance post for the Sunshine Blog Award you gave me!

  7. I'll date myself here, but I loved Thursdays in college. Seinfield and maybe going out with friends. Fun memories. Thanks for the award. I appreciate it.