If you really want to know...

I am a wife, and a mother of two young, crazy boys. I am fortunate enough to stay home with my kiddos, while my husband works tirelessly at a job I can't talk about. My family is the most important thing to me, and they are where I draw inspiration from.

I graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature, and am a SCBWI member. I love to interact with everyone, and look forward to officially meeting my "friends" in person! I also do some Freelance work here and there.

I love to write. Plain and simple! Since I was young, I have written in journals like a crazy person. I prefer pen and paper, but the computer has its advantages. I am a comma junkie... So, yeah. Sorry about that!

I don't really like chocolate (I know, GASP!), but I could probably eat popcorn every single day.
My biggest weakness? I see the good in everyone; Hopefully one day I'll get over that. I enjoy the outdoors, and all things new. I treasure trees (especially the large, dead ones! The spookier, the better!), love all things bohemian, and am mystified by elephants. If you don't believe me, I show you a picture of my desk!

Thank you for your support. Hopefully I will write just one thing that will make you laugh, ponder, or feel encouraged; That, for me, is my ultimate goal.