Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Ponder Wednesdays: We Have A Winner!

Happy Birthday, to me... Happy birthday to me... Happy biiiirrrrthday to MEEEEE... Now who wins the prize?!

Okay, I am obviously not a songwriter (my brother got all the talent, there!), BUT, it's time to announce who won  Bethany's Birthday Bonanza contest!! WooHoo!

Let me say this much, I am so very, very glad that I chose to use Why? Because the entries were SO darn fantastic. We even got some newbies to the blogging world! I hope everyone waves hello to Karen Moore and Kathy Gorman! *waves hi* Karen is a self-published PB author of a book that I'm eager to get my hands on, and Kathy is a retired teacher (from one of my old schools, no less) who loves to write for kiddos! Please embrace them and show them how wonderful our community is!

Anyway, the entries... wow. You guys had me laughing on the floor and begging for more! I loved the characters, each play on words (atta girl, Beth!), and all the love that was so obviously put into them. They made my birthday week very special!

So without further adieu, our winner is...

Her story about 6 year-old Humphrey, his stuffed Elephant, and the birthday wish of ALL birthday wishes coming true? AWESOME! I really, really hope that you finish this one, Abigail. I look forward to the ending, and would absolutely be honored to look at it once it's done!
Everyone congratulate Abigail! Hip, hip, HOORAY!
Thanks to all of you who entered. I so loved this last week! Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes and words. I'll say it again, I love our community! See you next week!
*Abigail- email me ( and I'll get you your prize!!!*


  1. Congratulations, Abigail!!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETHANY!!!! (Yes, I needed to shout that.) Hope your day is filled with all that you love.

  2. Congrats to Abigail on a great story, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY!!!

  3. Yea!!! Abigail!!! Very cute story!! I loved all the stories.
    Happy Birthday, Bethany!

  4. Congrats Abigail. And happy birthday Bethany!

  5. Happy Birthday Bethany! Thank you for the kind congrats, I'm happy to win such a great contest! :)

  6. Hi Bethany, :)

    I just wanted to say Thank You for the Amazon gift card! I had fun shopping at Amazon, always so much to choose from. I looked on your blog here for an e-mail addy to send you an e-card but couldn't find one, so I hope you get this Thank You note here.

    I hope you have had a TERRIFIC Birthday and a Wonderful New Year, bringing you joy, contentment and happiness!

    :) Abigail