Monday, October 22, 2012

We Have A Winner!

It was a close race, I tell ya! And what a marathon, it was! People were huffing and puffing as they crossed that finish line, but by golly, there always has to be ONE winner.

So, as you all gulp your Gatorade and catch your breath, I'm proud to announce our first place, (pretend) medal and signed copy of Marathon Mouse winning runner is...

LJ MOZ!!!!!!
WooHoo!! Congrats, LJ! Now, email me at bethany(dot)telles(at)ymail(dot)com and we'll get that book right to you!!
Amy, I hope this was proof enough that you matter, that you're important, and that we can't wait to parade Marathon Mouse all around town!! Here's to you, to Preston Mouse, and to all the insane success that you're sure to endure. We're so very proud of you!
Go Preston, GO!!!!!!