Thursday, December 1, 2011

Se la Vie, PiBoIdMo 2011

Well, here we are. It's December. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

However, now that November is over, my "ideas" have to really blossom into some amazing stories. That's right, kids. PiBoIdMo is over. I'm actually really sad about it! I enjoyed challenging myself, reading all the inspirational posts from just about everywhere imaginable, and (I think most of all) the comradery I found with all the other picture book writers out there!

It's true, I have not yet been published. I refuse to call myself  an author because I haven't written anything that anyone other than my husband, father, and critique group has read! So, essentially, getting in touch with hundreds of others just like me, gave me the complete motivation I needed.

I want to give a quick thank-you speech to the amazing Tara Lazar. If not for your inspiration, wittiness, comical relief, and downright talent, I am almost positive I would have given up on the hopes of actually publishing anything. So, Tara, THANK YOU!!!

Anyone want to join next year? I encourage you to do so! Email me, or click on the PiBoIdMo Winner's Badge I have up there on the left hand corner of this page. You won't be disappointed!
I am proud of myself, and of ALL the PiBoIdMo-ers in 2011. See you next year!!!


  1. You may not feel able to call yourself an "author" yet, but you're definitely a writer!

    PiBoIdMo was such a good experience. Now to turn those ideas into books! Yay us!!!

  2. Congrats Bethany! I look forward to doing 12 x 12 in 2012 with you. Should be a creative year for us!