Saturday, December 10, 2011

Actually PROUD of this year

Here we are, just about two weeks until Christmas and three from the last day of 2011.

(My inner-most dying need is to scream WHAAAAT??!!!)

I am filled with excitement. Yes, Santa is coming and while that is thrilling, that's not totally what I am excited about. And maybe I shouldn't use the word "excited"; I should be saying, "So-totally-proud-and-happy". That's a word, right?

This year, I was 100% positive that life was going to be a drag. We had a terribly difficult start to the year, and we lost a lot of family (not literally, but we no longer are on speaking terms with most of my husband's side of the family). I was pretty positive that 2011 would be filled with back and forth bickering and consistent fighting. I wasn't sure our kids would emotionally survive.

But a funny thing happened:

We made it.

And of course all the glory goes to God. We definitely DID have some rough patches this year, but I feel like in the last few months the four of us have really held fast to one another. Now, we are approaching THE biggest holiday for large family gatherings. I am proud to say that it'll just be us. My father, his girlfriend, and my brother will be coming over later in the evening for a super casual (maybe we'll all be in our jammies?) dinner. But in the grand scheme of things, there won't be anything grand about it. That seems like a perfect ending for this crazy year.

Now, besides being proud of that accomplishment, here's why I'm proud of MYSELF (the writer):

  • I graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature.
  • I got a Facebook page that allowed me to connect with TONS of different writers who have been or currently are in my same position.
  • I reached out to my SCBWI regional heads to ask for help finding writers in my area, which lead me to the most incredible critique group- Four women whom I can now call my friends.
  • I started my own blog (yay!)
  • I joined PiBoIdMo in November and learned the ins and outs of writing for today's kiddos, as well as met LOTS of people from around the industry.
  • I entered a legit contest through MeeGenius.
  • I decided to join 12x12 (writing a PB manuscript each month in 2012)- Not an easy decision, given the fact that it's a tough challenge for this momma of two young boys/wife of a LEO.

All of that, and I'M STILL ALIVE! Not to mention, I STILL WANT TO WRITE!

Yep. I'm proud of myself. Is that narcissistic? Maybe so, I guess. But, still, I'm not the kind of girl that had it easy her whole life. So all of these things I've accomplished this year? Kind of a BIG deal. And that's only the stuff I'm willing to discuss!

I know 2012 is still three weeks away and we have a lot to look forward to in those weeks ahead, but I wanted to remember that even though a year can start out crappily-dappily (Yep- I said it!), it can still produce some things to be proud of.


  1. Wow, what a way to take a difficult start to a year and turn it around!

    And may I add a note of congratulations for your PiBoIdMo prize win? I know our prizes were totally random, but they are awesome opportunities.

    Beth of

  2. You deserve to be proud of yourself, and I'm honored to have you as a 12 x 12 challenger!

  3. You absolutely should be proud for working hard to learn your craft and for putting yourself out there in the kidlit world! Great job, Bethany! And here's hoping that 2012 is even better...