Monday, October 22, 2012

We Have A Winner!

It was a close race, I tell ya! And what a marathon, it was! People were huffing and puffing as they crossed that finish line, but by golly, there always has to be ONE winner.

So, as you all gulp your Gatorade and catch your breath, I'm proud to announce our first place, (pretend) medal and signed copy of Marathon Mouse winning runner is...

LJ MOZ!!!!!!
WooHoo!! Congrats, LJ! Now, email me at bethany(dot)telles(at)ymail(dot)com and we'll get that book right to you!!
Amy, I hope this was proof enough that you matter, that you're important, and that we can't wait to parade Marathon Mouse all around town!! Here's to you, to Preston Mouse, and to all the insane success that you're sure to endure. We're so very proud of you!
Go Preston, GO!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Book Birthday, Amy Dixon!!

There are moments in life that are pure coincidences, but then there are moments that are pure blessings. And I had a pure blessing moment, about thirteen months ago, when I joined my wonderful critique group...

I know, I know.
PLEASE, Bethany, not another braggy post about your dreamy critique group!!! We just can't take it!
Well, fine. BUT, one of my amazing critique group members is celebrating something spectacular, today, and I'm shouting it from the rooftops!

My pal, Amy Dixon, is finally watching her dreams come true... TODAY! Her cute, lovely, wonderful, and dare I say PERFECT Picture Book, Marathon Mouse, is officially out. It's about Preston Mouse, who has decided to enter the NYC Marathon! He's a brave little guy, I tell ya! Believe me, it's a MUST READ, and needs to go to the top of your To Be Read (TBR) pile!
I'm doing the biggest, snoopy-est, happy dance for her! So, to celebrate, I want to help you get a SIGNED copy of this mousealous book!
Here's what to do...
Share this post with everyone you know. I'm talking teachers, uncles, aunts, neighbors, neighbors' kids, neighbors' grandmothers, your mailman, and even the clerk at the grocery store! Or, maybe just do it all at once, and hit the good ol' "Share" button, and get it out to all your social media sites.
Then, I want you to flood Amy's Facebook page with "Likes" and Happy Book Birthday wishes! Make them fun! Take pictures of yourself wearing mouse ears, or something. I don't really care what they are, as long as she's OVERWHELMED with love and attention!
Once you've done that, I want you to inform me in the comments section, below.
You have until 11:59pm (Pacific) on Friday, October 19, 2012, to enter.
She deserves to be celebrated, BIG time, doesn't she??  Let's do it!!!
We are SOO proud of you, Amy! We can't wait to watch you soar, and to say that we knew you when. :) We lift you up, today!! Happy, happy Book Birthday!! Here's to many, MANY more!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Ponder Wednesdays: What Would You Say?

Yes, I know... I have been quite the terrible blogger, as of late. I wish I had a better excuse than the few I have (painting our house, catching up on a Summer's worth of laundry, preparing for/going to my first ever Children's Book Festival), but I don't.

Wait a second...

I haven't even discussed the totally awesome festival that I got to be a part of???

Oh my... Well, maybe that will be a good topic for today, seeing as I had a LOT of questions running through my mind when I was there. And the best one? It was actually given to me by an 8 year-old girl.

I was invited to present my book, Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink , at the ScholarShare Children's Book Festival, held at FairyTale Town in Sacramento, CA, and boy... was it ever FUN!

The day started with award-winning author and jazz genius, Matthew Gollub , introducing himself to me (after I almost fell over saying something dumb like, "I know you, I looked you up!!") saying, "I looked you up, too, and I'm really glad to finally meet you."

Um, I'm sorry, time out... WHAT?! This guy is an AWARD WINNER. I'm talkin', the kind of guy who is well known, and does NOT need to know or care who on earth I am!!

I digress. So, when he introduced me on stage, he had all the kids count the syllables in my name. Then they clapped together and shouted Be-tha-ny! Be-tha-ny!

Matthew Gollub! And blown away ME in the background.
Not going to lie, friends. There was no time or ability to be nervous. I had all the kiddos come on stage with me and that GIANT thrown (that I'm still mad at myself for not actually sitting in!). I did an activity with two volunteers and read my book... Wow.

It all went by so very, very fast!
If you look hard enough, you can see both my kiddos sitting up there, among the children. My author pals, Amy Dixon and Elizabeth Stevens Omlor's kiddos were up there, too!
After it was all done, I got to sign post cards (since my book is an eBook), give away bracelets and other goodies, and talk to kids and parents about what I do.
It's funny, when you finally become what you've wanted to become your whole life, you almost never remember what it took to get there. I had the fortunate chance to glance back at some of those very memories when a beautiful little girl said something to me that rocked me to my core:
"Um, I want to be a writer when I grow up. Do you have any advice for me?"
My mind went blank and flooded with so many ideas all at once! Luckily, after I picked my jaw off the grassy knoll I was seated on, I was able to give her probably more advice than she was looking for. And her mother? You could tell that she was one of those amazing moms who teaches their kids all the right stuff. I was so thrilled!!!
However, now I want your answers. I think it's important to keep up with what kids want to know, right? So...
If an 8 year-old child asked for advice...
Advice that would gear their lives
 to go in the same direction as yours has gone,
what would you say?
Answer away, friends! And, happy writing!