Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Defeat Monster

He's slimy, he's frustrating, and he's heavy. He lurks around every ambition, every test, every goal...


He watches your eyes for that small flinch of doubt, that sigh, that head-in-hands moment, and he attacks. Without mercy or consideration for how hard he is going to break your heart, he rips your self-esteem piece by piece, and stomps on it with his large, muddy, lead boot. His laughter echos down deep into your bones. Getting up, moving on, pushing through... No way. You're not only paralyzed with fear, but you're defeated. You watch your beautiful dream sail away into the sunset of your would-be future.

He doesn't care. His quota was met for the day, and he goes home happy with the pain he's caused. He hangs up his hat, and warms his hands on the warm fire inside his murky, foreboding fortress. He enjoys a good meal and a hearty pint of his favorite brew. He laughs, he cheers, and he boasts about his day to his colleagues. They snicker and applaud him in his victories. He goes to bed content. He even falls asleep with a contemptuous smile. His day was... Triumphant.

You, on the other hand, did not sleep. You tossed, you turned, you cried, you got angry. You blamed, you shook your fist, you reassured yourself it wasn't meant to be.

But, there's a problem.

You're lying.

That ambition, that dream, that perseverance, that drive you possess? That was a gift. You are already equipped with the armor and sword to fight against that monster. You've simply forgotten where you put it. Your goal WILL be met. You breathe deeply when you see the sun make it's way through the darkness of night. Your confidence, your vitality, your belief? It's returned. And now, you know how to fight.

Shocked to see you standing again, he watches you. He studies your face, and is thrown when you smile. He shrieks when you find your passion, and piece back together your self-esteem. He scowls at your happiness. He scampers away in disgust when he realizes he's not got a chance.

He won't win today. Today you will win. And, you will thrive. You will succeed, you will accomplish, and you will triumph. Enjoy today...

He'll be back tomorrow... Waiting for your eyes to flinch.

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