Friday, August 26, 2011

Well, here I am.

To tell you the truth, I didn't actually know the purpose for having a Blog until last night. I had always honestly thought that "Bloggers" were people who got paid to write about specific topics, or were people who loved themselves entirely too much and felt they had to share their love with the world. However, through various emails regarding how to get my name out into the world, I came to one (apparently) obvious conclusion: I needed to start a Blog.

So, here I am...?

What do we discuss? Politics? Umm... No. I can promise that I won't be covering that end of the writing spectrum. I don't fancy arguing with highly opinionated people too much. Do I share about my 2 year-old's potty training adventures? Hmm... Maybe. That's sure to get a good laugh, or a few "Been there, done that." comments. But maybe, I'll just write, and see what happens. I don't feel that I am particularly interesting, but one never knows, I guess.

Please know that I am going to be focusing on my Children's stories. I do have a lot of wonderful people who know me, personally, that may desire to comment about the ridiculous things I have amounted to doing in my daily life. But, this will be used for my one-day "professional" (HA!) career. So, be nice!

Love to you all, and here's hoping this launches me into something, somewhere. For now, I am off to fight the kids over the television...

More to come!

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